Current Status for MOSIX clusters


    I am not a staff of MOSIX group, reference URL, Whatever I said here is all based on my personal experiences with their nice work + Some more tunings and configuration I added to my system.

Okay.. then who the heck are you?  Well, you can check About Ying first!

Current Status:


        I have added my newly built Dual 1Ghz server Kyoka!

        I have MOSIX 1.1.0 on three of my linux machines:

Server Name: LinuxSE Aut-linux Kyoka (New!)
Processor: AMD Intel Pentium III Intel Pentium III
Speed: 1.2Ghz 733Mhz 1 Ghz
Memory: 256MB 256MB 1 GB
Kernel: 2.4.7 2.4.7 2.4.7
FS: ext2, ReiserFS ext2, ReiserFS, XFS ext2, ReiserFS
Network Connection 100Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps
Harddisk: UDMA100 (50GB) UDMA100 (40GB) UDMA100 (160GB)

Documents/Howto/Tips: (as mentioned from the mailing list and its being tested!)

  1. echo 0 > /proc/self/lock  to enable auto-migration. (no longer need mosrun -l)
  2. mosrun -l ./program to enable auto-migration for the program.

Little Test that I have perform ( I know it is simple, but to the point):

My older test bench, check first_test.

    And I finally took some time to write a 'real' program that will utilize both of these machines. Here is how it works. I wrote a program that will generate 4000 RSA Key Pairs with 1024 bits Key Length each. I fork() out 4 processes so it can be distributed among these two machine. each of the 'process' will generate 1000 keys (i.e. first process will genearate from index 0000-0999, and second one will generate 1000-1999... and so on)

Source code is here if you want to run it yourself: 

download here: DistKeyGen.C

and the result... (I know that's what you really want to see!)

First, running on the linux-aut machine alone.

[ying@aut-linux test]$ date ; ./DistKeyGen ; date
Sat Jul 21 10:25:43 EDT 2001
CHILD: I'm finished here! 26236
CHILD: I'm finished here! 26235
CHILD: I'm finished here! 26234
CHILD: I'm finished here! 26233
PARENT: About to quit!
Sat Jul 21 10:50:41 EDT 2001

About 25 minutes

Now, Add linuxse machine into the picture.

[ying@aut-linux test]$ echo 0 > /proc/self/lock
[ying@aut-linux test]$ date ; ./DistKeyGen ; date
Sat Jul 21 11:01:29 EDT 2001
CHILD: I'm finished here! 26266
CHILD: I'm finished here! 26265
CHILD: I'm finished here! 26267
CHILD: I'm finished here! 26264
PARENT: About to quit!
Sat Jul 21 11:10:46 EDT 2001

About 10 minutes!! woohoo!! It works!

Finally, ALL three machines with newly added Kyoka (remember, this one has two Cpus)

Sun Aug 12 14:29:32 PDT 2001
CHILD: I'm finished here! 32590
CHILD: I'm finished here! 32589
CHILD: I'm finished here! 32591
CHILD: I'm finished here! 32588
PARENT: About to quit!
Sun Aug 12 14:35:04 PDT 2001

Now, it cuts down to ~4.5 minutes!!

NOTE: linuxse and Kyoka is much faster the aut-linux (check the spec above), so before you jump into my face and think I am lying, think again =)

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