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More info about Ying, come to About Ying

So.. since lots of you are very interested what type of resources I have at home, and how messy my room is, I guess I'll share it with you:  

NOTE: Yes, I know it is very messy, but that's because I just move back Irvine and suddenly
ALL the machines comes together. and okay okay, I'll admit here, I am a lazy dude... and btw, I'll be writing another page about resources I have so some of the pictures makes more sense.

New Rack! (8-2-2004)

New since 6-22-2001: (New switch picture added on 10-24-2002)

--First of all, the Firewall, this machine is a Pentium 166
with 64MB of RAM dressed up like a server. This
machine has being serving as a Firewall since early 1998. 
(I just checked my activity logs.. this server only being rebooted
6 times. including 3 hardware failures, 2 kernel upgrades,
and 1 crash.) This server also served as master DNS and fallback email
and webserver. This server will retire sometimes in 2002.

--Secondly, the major switchboxes. Both of them are
100Mbps switch. These switches served as main switch
station for my home network. These will also be replaced
by 16ports switch in 3 weeks (I am waiting for part to come in..)

--New! This 16 ports switch replaced my ugly setup above!

--Yep, this is the 'backbone' off my 100Mbps switch to
my '2nd' main switch. My dad ran the wire for the house
to 'distribute' the computer resources since we were afraid 
that our computer room may blow up due to electricity 
overloading if we have all the machines are in one place.... 

--Okay.. this is the second major switch for the network
and it served as relay for all the computers in our rooms.
The switch is on top of my master fileserver and X console, 'kenshin'.
(Most of the computers are concentrated in the computer room)
It also served as the uplink for our wireless LAN (see below)

--O yea, not only ALL the machines are wired with 100Mbps
internal bandwidth. we also have wireless LAN setup for the
laptops. currently its running at 11Mbps. That means I can
access the network with my laptop anywhere. (like.. bathroom? ^-^)

--CDFactory.. this is where all the CD burning is
taking place =)

--This is Mikey's station (my youngest brother), obvious he
got printer, scanner and DVD's!

--This machine runs NetBSD, and its currently my testing machine.
I'll explain more in my resources page.

--This machine runs OpenBSD, and its currently my testing machine.
I'll explain more in my resources page


--YMCA pose on my bro's machine.....

--And now..........who knows what my bro is doing??

--Guess what? I just gather all these machines (Range from
Pentium 200 to AMD 1.5Ghz!) for my research. particularly
the clustering project, check the detail in About Ying

--Lastly.. this is how my room looks like.... a laptop, and two servers, one of them
on the left corner and one 'down' there. Yes, my room is where the 2nd switch is.
This picture looks a lot messier than it really look like.....

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