--We are working on the new!
Wow, don't we look like devoting scientists?
(Bomey adds:"Don't be deceived, they were
just faking it.")

--Totoro is showing off his famous dummy face!

--This is Ying's Zzz room (Ying-Hung's) at UCSD, and
it is the place where (middle) and (right) are stationed. server and others are being tested,
well, even though there is no supervisor in sight.
(They are either Zzzzzzz ing, eating, play video games,
and other blah blah blah, sounds familiar?)

--How is my posture?
I boss around the internet in this unique and elegant
style all the time.  Hmm, I'm wondering if the person
I am chatting with can smell my feet.

Ying-Hung is going to his graduation ceremony,
and he is all dressed up.  Hmm, I guess this world
is changing after all.

Ying-Hung and his friend Jack went to the San
Diego Zoo after the ceremony.  They just compared
their skinny bones with a bunch of monkeys, after
the contest we took a shot of their victory smile.

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